Regional Reference Center for Cancer Prevention

Versione Italiana - Centro di Riferimento Regionale per la prevenzione oncologica

The Regional Reference Center for Cancer Prevention (CRRPO) was established in 1996 by the resolution of the Tuscany Regional Council n.1359 of 21/10/96, which formally recognized the CSPO (now ISPRO) as Regional Reference Center for Preventive Oncology (CRRPO) providing advice and methodological support to the Local Health Units of Tuscany for the activation of organised screening programmes.

The Tuscany Government with the Resolution of the Regional Council no. 18 dated 03/02/1998 and the Resolution no. 24 of 01.11.1999 subsequently adopted the "Dispositions to the Local Health Authorities about screening programmes for cervical, breast, colorectal cancer and melanoma”. According to them, in the whole regional area, Local Health Units were charged with implementing cancer screening programmes.

The Resolution of the Tuscany Regional Council no. 1342 of 20/12/2004 defined more specifically the functions of CRRPO which are summarized as follows:

  • monitoring and quality assurance of cancer screening programmes
  • training and communication in the field of secondary prevention
  • development of protocols and clinical-organizational procedures
  • validation of new screening tests
  • quality auditing (site visits) by CRRPO experts teams at the Local Health Units where screening activities are carried out in order to monitor quality of screening programmes and provide them with technical and scientific support.

The Resolution of the Tuscany Regional Council no. 74 of 14/12/2017 introduced CRRPO’s function of coordinating, as indicated in article 17:

The screening programmes Coordination Group, presided over by the Health Director of ISRPO and composed by the screening programmes managers of the Local Health Units, carries out the following functions:

  1. performance monitoring of cancer screening programmes;
  2. activation of procedures for overcoming any critical issues in the system;
  3. definition of organizational procedures, both in terms of dedicated staff and technological equipment for the screening activities in each geographical area;
  4. releasing the opinion on the “Multiannual steering Document on oncology, as far as it is concerned.

ISPRO also provides diagnostic support with its staff to those Local Health Units that there are critical in performing screening activities, in order to ensure them full compliance with LEA (Essential Levels of Assistance).

The CRRPO also has the task of drawing up an annual report about activities of regional screening programmes to be sent to the Regional Council and to screening centres. CRRPO annual report is included in the Regional Health Report of Tuscany and constitutes a technical support for regional programming.


CRRPO Manager Dr. Paola Mantellini

ISPRO Villa delle Rose Via Cosimo il Vecchio 2
50139 Firenze, Italy